We are Mum's

Mom and daughter duo, Rose and Tracy, were inspired to start Mum's Small Batch Bakery by friends and family who raved about the taste and quality of their bakes. They make unique items you won't find in stores.

Rose has always enjoyed baking and creating unique treats for birthdays, holidays, and just because. She worked for years making chocolate and candy favorites at a local sweet shop. After she left her job, she and her daughter Tracy began exploring the idea of starting their own family business. They first experimented with Hot Chocolate Bombs over a holiday season and were pleasantly surprised at the response they received. This was motivation enough to make it official.

Growing up Tracy learned how to bake and cook from her mom and grandmothers. Spending time together in the kitchen is something they all enjoyed, and still do. Tracy's background in design and marketing has helped bring the Mum's brand to life. No detail is too small. From the packaging material to the sprinkle combinations used, every cookie, cake and creation is made with love.